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Skype Group Video Workshop

Online Video Workshop

The Screenplay Workshop’s superb curriculum is now available anywhere in the world you have a high speed Internet connection! We offer a LIVE screenwriting workshop with two-way video via Skype group video calling.

In just five weeks, learn everything you need to know in order to write a feature-length screenplay in this fun and accelerated group workshop.

Demonstration of the 8-Sequence Method

Each week, there will be an outside film-viewing assignment, and analysis of this film’s story elements will be our jumping-off point to focus in weekly on one specific area of the screenwriting craft (ie, dialogue, character development, etc). There will be lecture material about this area; practical, straightforward techniques and in-class writing exercises to help you master it; analysis of excerpts from professional screenplays; and commentary on participant-submitted work utilizing our non-defensive, 100% constructive critique tool, “the two way mirror.”

Participants will submit story pitches, beat sheets and treatments for in-class review. Information about free screenwriting software will be provided.

Here is the syllabus week-to-week:

  1. Story (developing viable story ideas, the difference between a story and a situation, screenplay story structure & our revolutionary Nutshell Technique which will forever change how you watch and write for film)
  2. Plot development and breakdown using the eight-sequence method
  3. Character development
  4. Formatting & scene description/action writing
  5. Dialogue

All programs at The Screenplay Workshop are taught by professional screenwriter and script consultant  Jill Chamberlain. Early registration is encouraged.