Austin Workshops

Join our Zoom classes, and meet writers from Austin and around the world.

The Screenplay Workshop with Jill Chamberlain got its start as a screenwriting school in Austin, Texas. Eventually, it made its way online as well.

At this time, classes are not being offered in-person. All classes are online via Zoom. Come join our online classes and meet a community of writers based in Austin and also all over the world.

Get your screenplays to a pro level from anywhere by tuning into our online courses. You’ll learn both essential and advanced screenwriting techniques, while advancing your own work by exchanging feedback and ideas with fellow workshop participants.


The Screenplay Workshop with Jill Chamberlain has three sessions every year:

  • Autumn (October-December)
  • Winter (January-March)
  • Spring (March-May)

To see which courses are currently enrolling, check the registration page.

About Jill Chamberlain & The Nutshell Technique

Author, script consultant, and founder of The Screenplay Workshop, Jill Chamberlain leads each workshop to this day. The Nutshell Technique is Jill’s groundbreaking method of building and analyzing screenplay story structure and has won praise from producers and screenwriters alike. Her book, The Nutshell Crack the Secret of Successful Screenwriting, is the one of the highest rated screenwriting books on Amazon.