Austin Workshops

Austin screenwriting workshops with Jill Chamberlain and other local writers are an intensive yet supportive launchpad for your next screenplay project.

Screenwriting courses meet weekly in our central Austin classrooms (near 38th Street and Guadalupe). You’ll learn both essential and advanced screenwriting techniques, while advancing your own work by exchanging feedback and ideas with fellow workshop participants.

Fundamentals vs. Master Class

If this is your introduction to screenwriting, where should you begin? If you’ve been writing for years, where can you refresh and further hone your skills? Either way, you found it. Fundamentals can get you started, while the Master Class can take you to all the way to writing a new feature film.

Lessons and Features
Nutshell Technique: learn the difference between a story and a situation
Critique of Your Story Nutshell
Plot Development and The 8 Sequence Method
Feedback on Your Beat Sheet
Character Development
Formatting & Scene Description/Action Writing
Scene & Sequence Construction
Critical Scene Writing & In-Class Review
Mini-Slug Action Writing
Advanced Topics (tone, theme, subplots, subtext)
Feedback on Your Feature-Length Screenplay (if submitted by deadline)
The Business of Screenwriting
Fundamentals - $310
5 Weeks
Master Class - $545
10 Weeks


The Screenplay Workshop has workshops year-round. We have five sessions:

  • Winter (January-March)
  • Spring (March-May)
  • Summer (May-July)
  • Late Summer (August-October)
  • Autumn (October-December)

To see which courses are currently enrolling, check the registration page.

About Jill Chamberlain & The Nutshell Technique

Author, script consultant, and founder of The Screenplay Workshop, Jill Chamberlain leads each workshop to this day. The Nutshell Technique is Jill’s groundbreaking method of building and analyzing screenplay story structure and has won praise from producers and screenwriters alike. Her book, The Nutshell Crack the Secret of Successful Screenwriting, is the one of the highest rated screenwriting books on Amazon.