Screenwriting Course Austin

Learn what great movies are made of.

screenwriting class in Austin

Turn your ideas into professional-level scripts.

Master the craft of screenwriting.

script consultant

Led by Jill Chamberlain, celebrated author of

The Nutshell Technique

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Every film starts with a screenplay. Master the methods to crafting engaging, entertaining, and memorable scripts. Acclaimed screenwriting courses with Jill Chamberlain are now enrolling.

group screenwriting workshops

Group Workshops

  • Led by author and script consultant Jill Chamberlain
  • Learn the Nutshell Technique from its inventor
  • Turn your idea into a feature-length script.

Individual Consultations

  • One-on-one script consultations with Jill Chamberlain provide detailed analysis of the script.
  • Get the story structure straight.
  • Learn what’s working, what isn’t, and how to fix it.
Nutshell Technique screenwriting book

Nutshell Technique Book

  • Master the essentials of story structure.
  • Top-rated screenwriting book on Amazon.
  • Revolutionary method relied on by experts and professionals.