Now Registering – Winter Workshops

Registration for Winter workshops has begun! Be sure to register ASAP for the best selection and to ensure your choice is not filled or cancelled.

All programs are taught by professional screenwriter and script consultant Jill Chamberlain. You can find complete workshop syllabi, including week-by-week guides to class session topics, by following the syllabus links below.

Registration instructions are here.

The Screenplay Workshop has workshops year-round. We have five sessions: Winter (January-March), Spring (March-May), Summer (May-July), Late Summer (August-October), and Autumn (October-December). We have rolling admissions: we accept registration until a class is full, and then we begin accepting registration for the subsequent class session.

Now registering for the following:

5 Weeks

See syllabus

Tuition: $270

Saturday section -
Jan 6-Feb 3, 1:30-4 pm


Tuesday section -
Jan 9-Feb 6, 7-9:30 pm
Master Class
10 weeks

See syllabus

Tuition: $475

Master Class alumni:
pay $425

Saturday section -
Jan 6-Mar 10, 1:30-4 pm


Tuesday section -
Jan 9-Mar 13, 7-9:30 pm

Script Consultation

See more info
Your script read, analyzed, and extensively marked-up & then reviewed with
you in an 1½ hour consultation
Private Story Consultation
See more info
1½ hour private instruction
& story consultation
(scheduled at your convenience)
Private Instruction & Script Consultation Package
See more info
Five 90-minute consultations

(a total of 7½ hours private instruction & story consultation scheduled over 5 sessions at your convenience)

Register for a Workshop or Consultation

E-mail us ( with all of the following information:

  •     your full name
  •     the name of the class for which you wish to register
  •     for Fundamentals or Master Class: the section (Saturdays or Tuesdays) for wish you want to register
  •     your phone number(s) and the best times to reach you at each one
  •     the e-mail address we should use to send your tuition invoice
  •     the e-mail address we can share with your classmates on the class e-mail distribution list

Once we receive your email, we will contact you ASAP to confirm that there is room in the workshop and to complete the registration process.

If you have questions, email us or you can leave us a voicemail by calling (512) 843-2998. We’ll get back to you ASAP.