Alumna’s Film on Netflix

Program alumna Kat Candler‘s feature film Hellion had a successful run, playing in 30+ cities across the U.S. to great reviews. The Washington Post called it “a tough, uncompromising little film” with a “sterling” cast. If you missed it, you still have your chance: it’s now available on Netflix.


Hellion stars Juliette Lewis and Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It got lots of exciting press coverage such as this great video by the Hollywood Reporter and this video in the Austin Chronicle showing the cast and crew at the premiere.


Kat directed her own script, as she has for two out of three of her previously produced feature films. When Kat sat in on The Screenplay Workshop’s Master Class in 2009, she was already an accomplished filmmaker with two feature films to her credit as Writer/Director, Cicadas (2000) and Jumping Off Bridges (2006).


Congrats, Kat!!