Want to learn how to most effectively pitch your story and get in some practice (and feedback!) before the big fall pitch competitions? Want to learn Hollywood writing-assignment style pitching? Then you have to take our two-class Pitching! workshop.

At Class 1, you’ll learn best practices for pitching and receive our exclusive Pitch Template Worksheet. Find out what’s important to cover in your very limited pitch time, and what’s best to leave out. We’ll also talk about pitching for Hollywood writing assignments. The vast majority of Hollywood movies come not from “spec” scripts but from Hollywood writing assignments, and we’ll talk about these kind of pitches. Finally, we’ll have a few volunteers get up and practice their pitches for the class and receive feedback from the instructor.

At Class 2, all participants are invited to get up and do one or two pitches for the class (one of an original story and one writing-assignment pitch based on some assigned source material provided at Class 1). Get concrete feedback on your pitch and what’s working (and what’s not), so you can perfect you pitch, while getting in practice doing your pitch in front of an audience.  This will be a fun, supportive atmosphere, ideal for getting your pitch in shape before you go before judges or industry.

Pitching! is taught by script consultant and AFF pitch competition judge Jill Chamberlain. Class meets at our central Austin classrooms (near 38 St and Guadalupe). Early registration is encouraged.

How to register